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Keeping you updated and informed

Keeping you updated and informed

May 2017

Addition of Haas VF-3SSYT Vertical Machining Center and Haas DM-2 40-Taper Standard Drill/Mill Center.

February 2017

Construction begins on four-bay garage for housing Konrady Plastic’s shipping fleet.

January 2017

Construction begins on 25,000 sq.ft. addition.

December 2016

Addition of HAAS ST-30SSY CNC Lathe.

October 2016

Addition to KP delivery fleet - new box truck.

July 2016

Konrady Plastics announces plans for construction of a 25,000 sq.ft. addition to our 27,000 sq.ft. facility.

January 2015

Portage Indiana Police Department Recognizes Bernie Konrady for Support of its K-9 Unit.

August 2013

Employees were CPR / AED trained.

We trained our employeees in CPR and AED use.

January 2013

ANDI CNC STRATOS NEST ROUTER added to our facility.

We've added an Andi CNC Stratos Next Router to our manufacturing facility!
Our Andi CNC Stratos Nest Router allows us to create more custom parts at a faster pace!

June 2012

Haas ST-10 CNC Turning Center & Haas Super Minimill.

We've add a Haas ST-10 CNC Turning Center and a Haas Super minimillto our facility!
Our new Haas Super Minimill will help us create great custom parts.
To help craft custom parts, we've purchased a Haas ST-10 CNC Turning Center.


"Green" T-8 Lighting installed throughout the entire facility.

To help lower our carbon footprint, we've install T-8 lighting throughout our entire facility.
As part of our green initiative, we've reduced our energy waste by installing 'green' lighting.
Throught our manufacturing center, our warehouse, and our offices, we've added low-energy lighting to help reduce our greenhouse emissions.


6,500 sqft Building Expansion.

We've expanding our building by 6,500 square feet!
Our 6,500 square foot expantion will help us grow and develop more custom plastic parts.
Our new, larger facility is fantastic, and allows us to make more high-quality cutsom plastic parts.